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Solaira SMaRT Handheld IR Remote


$136.00 $108.00

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AURA MW-25 1500 watts Series Indoor/Outdoor Infrared Heater


$224.00 $198.00

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Solaira Cosy All Weather Patio Heater

ID: SLA-Cosy

$398.00 $338.00

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AURA MW-37 Series 3000 watt Indoor/Outdoor Infrared Heater


$479.00 $398.00

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Aura PATIO PLUS Stainless Steel Weatherproof Radiant Infrared Electric Heater


$470.00 $398.00

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Solaira H1 Alpha Series Commercial Electric Heaters

ID: SLA-SALPHA15120S-151240S-20240S

$528.00 $448.00

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Solaira XL 22" 1500 Watt 240 Volt Electric Radiant Patio Heater


$636.00 $528.00

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Solaira XL 22" 2000 Watt 240 Volt Electric Radiant Patio Heater


$648.00 $538.00

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Solaira H2 Alpha Series Dual Element Commercial Electric Heaters 4000 Watt - 240 Volts


$956.00 $788.00

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Solaira H3 Alpha Series Triple Element Commercial Electric Heater


$1,536.00 $1,249.00

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Solaira Heaters

Solaira Heaters are a major player in the industry when it comes to commercial heaters. They can be found anywhere from the local neighborhood restaurant to major NFL stadiums.
Solaira quartz electric Infrared heaters utilize the latest in PHILIPS tm HeLeN quartz infrared technology that provides a new, unique means of instant and directional radiant heat. This comfort heat is based on the same natural effect that the sun provides, warming people and objects and not the air in between.
Within seconds of switching on your Solaira Heater, heat is radiated at maximum power and operates at one of the highest efficiency levels of any heater available on the market making it economical, efficient and effective.
Solaira Patio Heaters offer many different choices including:
-The NEW SOLAIRA ALPHA SERIES electric infrared heaters that represent the evolution of engineered short wave heating technology. Alpha Series Heaters produce short wave length infrared that convert 92% of consumed energy to instant, controllable, directional heat. This heating technology is not affected by wind or draft as it warms people, objects and things and not the air. The modular design of the Solaira Alpha Series allows specifying engineers to adjust and direct specified heating loads based on area requirements. The Alpha Series modern, sleek design allows architects to integrate heating technology with clean un-intrusive lines. Alpha Series Heaters are engineered to meet P24 standard for water spray so they can be installed in both wet (outdoor) or dry conditions (indoor or outdoor).
-The Solaira Cosy 1500/2000 and Cosy XL series are engineered as low profile, high power modular heaters for specifications requiring lower mounting heights, under awning and umbrellas (require special brackets and controls) and areas with smaller dimensions. The Solaira Cosy series heaters are at home indoors in areas including screened in porches, cool exterior rooms, restaurant hostess and waiting areas.
But don't just look at the Solaira Patio Heater. Be informed about your upcomingpatio heater purchase and also check out the latest choices in commercial patio heaters and commercial electric patio heaters.
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