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Solaire Everywhere! Portable Infrared Grill - Propane


$437.00 $299.00

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Solaire Anywhere! Portable Infrared Grill - Propane


$561.00 $389.00

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PGS A30 Cast Aluminum Propane BBQ Grill Head


$959.00 $865.00

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PGS A40 Cast Aluminum Propane BBQ Grill Head


$1,179.00 $1,062.00

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PGS 30" Newport Propane BBQ Grill Head


$3,174.00 $2,857.00

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PGS 39" Pacifica Propane BBQ Grill Head


$4,269.00 $3,845.00

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PGS 51" Big Sur Gourmet Propane BBQ Grill Head


$6,095.00 $5,487.00

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Propane Gas Grills

If this is your first BBQ grill purchase then you may be confused and wondering what type of barbecue grill is the best. Chances are you are trying to decide whether you should purchase an inexpensive charcoal grill or a mid-price propane grill. If you ask us, that choice is easy – choose propane!

Charcoal grills are deceivingly inexpensive. Although they sometimes cost less, the fact is that you will be getting a better, sturdier, and longer lasting product with a propane grill. Also, when you consider that you have to purchase charcoal and lighter fluid every time you use your charcoal grill, with a propane grill your one tank of fuel will last throughout multiple family barbecues, birthday parties, and get-together’s! Not to mention that charcoal grills can also make your food taste like lighter fluid and the black soot from charcoal briquettes are dirty and make clean-up difficult. After knowing all of this, why wouldn’t you choose propane?

The propane grills we offer range in size, price-point, and functionality, but all of them are of fantastic quality. Our customers can choose from smaller barbecues that are perfect for small patios or you can choose from fabulously larger grills that can be built into a space for a larger and more permanent outdoor cooking space! Many of our grills also have the option to build on custom parts in order to “upgrade” your unit. For instance, some grills have the option of an additional side burner or even a rotisserie kit! No matter what type of barbecue or grill you are looking for, propane or natural gas is the way to go! Whether you want a small grill or an outrageously large one, the wonderful look and quality of our barbecues and grills will make anyone look like a pro! also has electric grills for those customers who do not want a propane grill. For your convenience we also have barbecue and grill experts on-hand seven days a week to answer any of your questions. With the quality of our grills, their cost effectiveness, and our friendly expert staff available to help you with any of your grill needs – you can’t go wrong!

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