Fillable Weights for Offset Umbrella Cross Bases - Black

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Fillable Weights for Offset Umbrella Cross Bases - Black

These high density polyethylene base plates are designed to work with umbrellas that use a conventional flanged cross brace base designed for use with concrete pavers. Designed to be filled with either water or sand these plates provide the additional weight required for umbrella stability (approximately 105 lb water or 130 lb sand per 4-piece set).


Completely UV stable with a 3-year warranty the bases have a chrome plated steel handle for easy carrying and are low profile. Their contemporary design makes them an attractive and practical enhancement to any umbrella.




  • HDPE 4-piece base plate set
  • Each fillable plate measures 19.75" x 19.75" x 3"
  • Metal carry handle
  • Low profile
  • Universal design works with flanged cross brace base
  • Can be filled with either sand or water
  • The 4-pack provides approximately 105 lb weight when filled with water or 130 lb when filled with sand
  • UV stable
  • 3-year warranty