36" Islanders Clamp Beach Umbrella

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36" Islanders Clamp Beach Umbrella



Product Highlights:


  • Clamp allows you to attach umbrella to a lounge chair or other object
  • You are not limited in where you can use it - take it to a pool sporting even or beach!
  • Solar reflective material blocks UV rays 



Product Description:


If you are looking for an umbrella to shade one person then this 36" Islanders Clamp Beach Umbrella is for you! Other beach umbrellas have a pointed lower pole that you stick into the sand and it provides enough shade for the whole family. This umbrella has a clamp at the bottom of the pole which attaches onto a lounge chair the perfect amount of shade for a single person! Now you can enjoy a day at the beach or lounging by the pool and not have to search for the shadiest spot around! Heck - this umbrella would even be great at a baseball game or other sporting event! And not only is it convenient this fabulous umbrella features a fiberglass shaft and skeleton for strength and durability.  The canopy is even made from solar reflective material which helps to block UV rays! Yup you heard right it's like this umbrella has its own sunscreen!