Wicker Swings & Hammocks

What is fun, useful, allows you to relax, makes magnificent patio furniture, and comes in all shapes and sizes? That’s right – a wicker hammock! Traditional swings & hammocks are wonderful; they work perfectly and suit their purpose. But – a wicker hammock or swing is fun, unique, modern, and maybe even a little crazy!

OK, we’ve got to say it – every adult should have a wicker swing or hammock in their back yard! Yes, these are fun and satisfy the kid at heart in every adult. The justification your adult self can give is that these wonderful pieces of seating are practical, stylish, modern, and would be wonderful for an evening of gazing up at the starts or a fun-filled day with family and friends hanging out in the backyard. Either way you look at it a wicker swing or hammock is a wonderful investment!

Now you may be asking yourself if we called wicker modern, and yes, we did. In fact, wicker furniture and wicker outdoor furniture accessoriesare now available in a multitude of modern styles and shapes. Whether you are looking for an individual chair, wicker ottomans, a full sectional, or even wicker lamps – there is a modern wicker style for you! Did you know that there are even modern hammocks and swings in the shapes of circles? Yup – like we said – wicker is modern!

Aside from looking fantastic, wicker patio furniture also has other great qualities. For instance, most wicker resin is treated so that it’s resistant to fading. It is also hassle free maintenance; most of the time wicker only needs to be dusted and wiped-down with a damp cloth! With a new modern feel, durability, and hassle free maintenance – you can’t go wrong!

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