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Dorsey Wicker Sectional Set

ID: WTL-62543

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Jarrett Wicker Sectional Set

ID: WTL-62540

$4,442.00 $1,769.00

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Webster Wicker Sectional Set

ID: WTL-62542

$4,964.00 $1,985.00

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Teagarden Wicker Sectional Set

ID: WTL-62541

$4,987.00 $1,995.00

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Asbury Cushioned Double Seater

ID: GAR-Asbury-DS

Asbury Cushioned Triple Seater

ID: GAR-Asbury-TS


Wicker Sofas

What is more comfortable than sitting on the grass in your backyard while you enjoy the afternoon sun and watch your kids play in the pool? That's easy – sitting on stylish and comfortable wicker patio furniture while you enjoy the sun and watch your kids play in the pool! Then again, you may enjoy sitting in the grass, but remember the benefits of having fabulous outdoor furniture. First, with patio furniture you can avoid unsightly grass stains, thus saving you time and the headache of extra laundry. Then there is the benefit of not having to move around, fidgeting and readjusting yourself all the time because your leg or arm fell asleep. And of course, there is always the fact that sitting on fantastic wicker love seats & sofas is far more comfortable than sitting on the wet ground.

Also, did you know that wicker patio furniture is available in traditional wicker styles as well as more modern and contemporary styles too? It's true – even if you are a hip and stylish modernistic mom who loves modern architecture, art, styles, lines, and designs there is even a wicker patio furniture set perfect for you! Both our modern and traditional lines have options of wicker chairs, wicker loveseats, sofas, lounge seats, and much, much more!

There are also some fantastic facts about wicker patio furniture that you might not be aware of. For instance, most wicker patio furniture is made from a durable resin that is treated to resist fading. Not only that but most wicker furniture sets allow you to choose a cushion fabric that suits your tastes – meaning that most wicker patio furniture can be customized just for you! But that's not all, wicker patio furniture is easy to maintain! Most wicker furniture sets require an occasional dusting and rub-down with a wet cloth, that's it! When it comes to outdoor furniture it doesn't get better than that!

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