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Wicker Patio Heater with Adjustable Table


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Fire Sense All Weather Wicker Patio Heater

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People who hold parties in their backyards often enjoy sprucing up their outdoor space. This frequently includes outdoor accessories such as tiki torches, candles, and other Hawaiian or Tahitian themed items. But, did you know that this could mean having fantastic wicker outdoor furniture accessories such as wicker lamps, wicker swings & hammocks, and even wicker heaters and torches? Yup, it’s true, and the beauty of it is you can coordinate these wicker accessories with other wicker outdoor patio furniture like chairs, loveseats, sofas, and much, much more!

Wicker heaters & torches are an especially wonderful addition to our line of wicker outdoor patio furniture and wicker accessories because now, with a wicker heater, you can sufficiently heat your outdoor space in style and match your heater with your furniture! Although they may vary in their options and characteristics – such as having an adjustable table vs. having no table or having wheels vs. having no wheels one characteristic is consistent – they are all wonderful products! The amount of heat these stylish heaters generate may also differ, but you have the option of choosing the heater and heat output which best suits your needs. And hey – you know your party guests will be much warmer mingling around a splendid heater than they will around a couple of tiki torches and candles!

You may also be wondering which part of such unbelievably wonderful heaters is wicker, and that’s easy to answer. The bottom portion of the heater, called the tank housing, is generally a round shaped compartment with a door that houses the heater’s propane tank. It is this tank housing compartment that is made from wicker. With matching wicker patio furniture your outdoor living space will be not only comfortable, but coordinated and stunning giving you the perfect party zone!

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