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Beach Umbrella Carry Bag


$41.00 $35.00

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Terrazzo Umbrella Cover

ID: CLA-58902

$61.00 $35.00

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Veranda Umbrella Cover

ID: CLA-78902

$87.00 $45.00

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Hickory Umbrella Cover w Lifetime Warranty

ID: CLA-55-224-012401-EC-Hickory

$61.00 $49.00

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6' - 8' Umbrella Cover w/ High Reach Rod

ID: PSF-1170TN

$63.25 $55.00

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9' - 11' Umbrella Cover w/ High Reach Rod

ID: PSF-1174TN

$63.25 $55.00

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Hickory Offset Umbrella Cover w Lifetime Warranty

ID: CLA-55-225-012401-EC-Hickory

$76.00 $55.00

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Ravenna Umbrella Cover

ID: CLA-55-159-015101-EC-Ravenna

$137.00 $55.00

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Veranda Offset Umbrella Cover

ID: CLA-73152

$168.00 $69.00

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Paraflex Waterproof Umbrella Cover


$121.00 Free Shipping

Patio Umbrella Covers

Patio umbrellas provide shelter when the sun is beating down. They keep your outdoor gatherings, lounge or pool areas cool and shaded. To assist in keeping that protection going, it is wise to get a protective cover to place over your outdoor umbrella when it is not in use.

The weather is full of surprising elements that affect your patio umbrella. Covers are the most convenient and inexpensive way to ensure that your patio umbrella stays in great condition throughout the year. With the right sized cover, rain dust and dirt stay out of the fabrics and mechanical pieces of the unit.

In our line of market umbrella covers, you have ample choice in finding the size and style that you find most appealing. We also carry grill covers and chaise lounge covers. No matter what type of patio furniture you have, we have the cover to protect it!

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