Sahara Collection

Every home that features a backyard or patio should have a comfortable seating area for you, your family, and your guests. After all, part of the reason you bought a home with a backyard or patio was so you could entertain friends and neighbors, hold parties, or simply relax outside on a beautiful day and watch the kids play. In fact, a large portion of your home’s value lies in its outdoor living space. It can’t be denied that in today’s market there is added value in transforming ordinary spaces into usable and fashionable living spaces – especially when those are outdoor living spaces. This is exactly why properly decorating and furnishing your outdoor living space is crucial to not only the value of your home, but also to the pleasure you, your family, and your friends will get from it. After all, if you don’t have comfortable furniture no one will want to stay and visit, and if you don’t have fashionable furniture you won’t want to look at it! Luckily for you, this Sahara Collection from Casual Décor by Kaven would be a wonderful addition to any backyard or patio! But – not only is this traditional style wicker perfect for outdoor use, it would also fit nicely inside your home.
Like anything else you buy, you want to know that your patio furniture is high quality, durable, and will work for your needs. Fortunately for you, this lovely outdoor wicker collection has all of these qualities! That’s right, this wicker furniture collection is of high quality, its durable, and it has a fantastic chance of being exactly what you’re looking for!
Although it can be used inside, this all weather wicker was actually made for the outdoors! It is hand-woven UV resistant synthetic wicker that is tough, and therefore durable. It is perfect for outdoor use because of its inherently weather resistant qualities. For instance, this patio furniture is resistant to UV rays. This means that your patio furniture will be resistant to the fading and cracking often caused by sunlight. But not only that, this all weather wicker is also water and rust resistant too! But that’s not all – as an added bonus this fabulous wicker collection is virtually maintenance free. Simply clean it with mild detergent and voila, you’re done!
Whether you choose the walnut color or the white wicker from this collection, we’re sure you’ll love it! With the quality and durability of this collection you can’t go wrong!
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