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Solaire Professional Bartender Center with Cart & Sink


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Solaire Stainless Steel Refrigerated 3 Drawer Unit


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There is nothing more annoying than having to leave your guests – or worse, your steaks – to get a drink. That's why we offer this selection of outdoor refrigerators and outdoor kitchen accessories! We also understand that you might want to keep everything as simple as possible for you and your guests. An outdoor refrigerator is a great way to keep cold drinks at hand without guests rummaging through your interior refrigerator. You can keep all of your favorite beverages, food and sauces handy while cooking! Prepare your steaks, potatoes, corn, etc. before hand and you'll be ready to slap dinner on the grill at any time – one technique is to cook certain foods completely and cool it quickly to retain as much flavor as possible, or just defrost it in the fridge for later cooking. In fact, according to the University of Maine defrosting meat, poultry, egg products or any perishable foods in the refrigerator is one of the safest and best ways to defrost meats. Since the temperature never goes below 40 degrees in the fridge, the bacteria never have a chance to multiply dangerously, but when meat is defrosted all day on the counter or in warm water bacteria can grow alarmingly fast, increasing your chances of foodborne illness! Thawing foods in the fridge is definitely the way to go. Another benefit is marinating your meats for the grill in a safe environment – the cold refrigerator! Plus you can even save your left overs directly from the grill or outdoor table, and they'll stay safe and cold. You can also keep salsa or snacks in the fridge to keep you held over while your food finishes grilling or heating up on your grill side burner. The perfect complement to any outdoor refrigerator is an outdoor beverage center, now you can even make batches of drinks to save for later!

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