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Solaire Professional Bartender Center with Cart & Sink


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Solaire Stainless Steel Refrigerated 3 Drawer Unit


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Outdoor Beverage Centers

The outdoors is such a wonderful place to relax with friends or family for dinner or drinks. Whatever the occasion, it is always nice to have refreshments close at hand. Beverage centers can make that happen by organizing all of your drinks, mix, and ingredients into one area with style. Nothing completes the perfect outdoor meal better than a nice cold drink, just like nothing completes the perfect outdoor kitchen better than a beverage center. You can have all the features that professional bartenders demand right at your fingertips, one of the best outdoor kitchen accessories. Think of how much easier it will be to produce delicious drinks for your guests when everything you need is conveniently stored in a beverage or bartending center! Now you can make cocktails, mixed drinks, or any creation of your own in the back yard, just like a bar! Even more valuable to your outdoor cooking is a sink, which some models come with. Not only can it help immensely with food preparation, it can allow you to integrate even more of your cooking to one area! Instead of having to go between the inside and outside, you can easily go from another steak to another beer. Another benefit is allowing your guests to wash up before dinner without having to go inside, so not only are you in only one place, but you can conveniently keep your guests in one place, the back yard or patio - out of your house. If you combine a beverage center with an outdoor refrigerator then your backyard is now a paradise of refreshment - or if you decide to purchase a grill side burner you can easily make a show and delicious dessert for your guests or family by going from fridge to beverage center to side burner to produce a bananas foster or any other flambé!

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