Montego Collection

Emanating the relaxed, casual elegance of a Jamaican village, the taste of island-style opulence Montego wicker gives will woo you into a Caribbean dream!  Jamaica, where the fun is never ending and the ambience sways with a tropical beat is constantly smiling and showing off its breathtaking natural beauty.  Montego Bay is a place that shows off long and perfect white-sand beaches with incredible energy that will brighten your days, enrapture your evenings and take you to another level of living.  Dream of Jamaica, a place that welcomes you into its heart and enters your soul; a place where everything that brings total peace and relaxation is right within reach.  Dream of golden sands, sloping romantically down to crystal-clear, turquoise waters that crash like a lullaby.  Dream of experiencing this feeling in your own backyard each time you ease into the warmth of the 4”-6” cushions atop any Montego furniture piece.  To feel that no matter where you roam, you're always drawn to come back home to the relaxing luxury that awaits you means that you’ve perfected what many never will; the ideal set up of your homes décor.

Montego wicker is the absolute best option to create a Caribbean paradise.  With its’ breezy design and comfortable UV resistant cushions, resin wicker furniture is also a great investment that you will enjoy for many years.  Throw a few choice pieces together for an intimate gathering place situated under a thatched umbrella and you’re on your way to Jamaica!  Extra ambience is easily added with a bubbling water feature.  Enable your guests to feel the pulsating energy that courses through a sultry island oasis and they will never want to leave.

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