Monaco Collection

Just as you deserve to have the perfectly decorated living space that you’ve always wanted, your patio deserves the perfect outdoor wicker patio furniture that it has always wanted. After all, one of the most sought out features in a home today is the amount of living space it has, especially outdoor living space. Why then would you not put the care and attention into your outdoor living space that you put in your indoor living space? Consider this, if you are having a BBQ, a birthday part, holiday parties, or evening cocktails with the neighbors, chances are you will be entertaining your guests in the backyard or on your patio. This means that your outdoor living space should not only have the furnishings it needs, but it should also be stylish and, most of all, comfortable!

But wait – don’t kick yourself yet for not decorating your outdoor space because now you have the option of furnishing your patio with the Lloyd Flanders® Monaco wicker collection! This collection is made from Lloyd/Flanders® exclusive SunLoom® Vinyl which means that it is reinforced by nylon cord for superior strength and durability. In addition to strength and durability, this SunLoom® Vinyl also has UV inhibitors to prevent excessive fading! And – that’s not all! The furniture cushions in the Monaco collection utilize the Lloyd/Flanders® Comfort Plush™ Outdoor Seating System. What does this mean? Well, this means that the cushions are made with BioComfort 1.8 density High Resilience California Fire Rated Foam. Now you’re probably wondering, “OK, what does that mean?” It’s simple. Due to the use of this BioComfort Foam these cushions contain inherently mildew/bacteria resistant components. They are even environmentally friendly.

Strong, durable, fade resistant wicker plus environmentally friendly cushions that are inherently mildew and bacteria resistant – it doesn’t get better than that!

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