Featured Freestanding Electric Patio Heaters

Electric Patio Heaters

Keep your outdoor guests toasty with an electric patio heater! These quality heaters are a great way to add heat to your outdoor areas even when there is a brisk chill in the air. With portable or permanent mount heating capabilities you can enjoy the outdoors all year around.

These commercial grade electric outdoor heaters are also great for use at home. Friends or family will stay warm and cozy on your enclosed patio, deck, or gazebo when gas fueled patio heaters are not a good option or undesirable in the location. And, don't forget, this permanently installed Electric Outdoor Heater will remain safely above the reach of children and pets.

Excellent grounds to think about purchasing an Electric Patio Heater:

  • The radiant warmth produced with these infrared radiant Electric Patio Heaters does not get wasted trying to heat the air. The clever quartz heating element creates infrared radiant heating power moving in unseen waves, spreading through the air to heat strictly the things and individuals they are directed at.
  • Clearances for mounting electric outdoor heaters are much less than those required for overhead gas outdoor heaters because there is no flame generated near combustible materials.

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