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Amazonia Renaissance 9 PC Dining Set


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Vifah Eucalyptus Folding Bistro Table


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Vifah Eucalyptus Dartmoor Bar Table


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Vifah Eucalyptus Ibiza Stacking Umbrella Table

ID: VMG-V1104

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Vifah Eucalyptus Outdoor Extension Table

ID: VMG-V232

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Eucalyptus Tables

Eucalyptus tables give you the ability to finally add wood patio furniture to your outdoor area at a price you can be happy about. Eucalyptus patio furniture offers the weather resistance of teak at a fraction of the price. This tropical hardwood is native to the rain forests of Australia and Southeast Asia, is as hard as oak and weathers the elements in a way that is similar to teak. This certified-plantation-grown eucalyptus is a completely renewable resource with a beautiful wood grain that's nearly impervious to decay. Because Eucalyptus trees are fast growing and more readily available, products made from Eucalyptus wood are less expensive, making them a must have!

Patio Tables are an important aspect on any patio or deck. With the right tables, your outdoor dining is more comfortable and enjoyable. Our line of Eucalyptus patio tables are made of eco-friendly hardwood that is very dense, with a straight grain and high oil content. Eucalyptus is renewable, sustainable wood that is excellent for outdoor furniture because of its weather resistance. But our Amazonia Eucalyptus furniture has also been treated with Polisten, a sealer applied at origin. This lends a high degree of water resistance to our Eucalyptus tables, and also acts as a fungicide and an insecticide.

While our Eucalyptus Tables and eucalyptus chairs can be left outdoors throughout the year with minimal maintanance, they will turn to a lovely gray hue over time. However, with just a bit of maintenance, your Eucalyptus tables can sustain their wam, rich tone over the years. When it comes to furnishing the patio or deck, patio tables are high priority, for it is around the table that relationships are built and fed. Now you can enjoy the classic look of wood on your patio or deck in a price range that works.

We also have a nice selection of eucalyptus chaise lounges if you want to extend the beautiful look of teak to your pool deck or grass areas.

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