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Featured Cast Aluminum Patio Dining Sets

Cast Aluminum Patio Dining Sets

With our vast selection of cast aluminum patio dining sets, we are confident you will find just the right style to meet your personal tastes. Internationally inspired designs meet all the form and function you need to make entertaining a stylish and memorable breeze!
Do you want a cozy café style bistro setting or elegant dinner seating for six? Picture these timeless designs turning your yard into a Tuscan oasis, a Parisian café, or Victorian dinner parlor. Add a cast aluminum patio dining set to your matching conversation set and suddenly you can do all your entertaining in the great outdoors during the summer months.
Cast Aluminum Patio Dining Sets provide Long Lasting Beauty
Cast aluminum patio dining sets are one of the best choices for long lasting outdoor furniture. Detailing is first carved in wood to create a die cast mould, then molten aluminum alloy is poured. This allows for an extraordinary variety of looks from vintage scrolling and edging to simple contemporary styles.
Powder coating, a process using electrical charges during spraying helps paint particles to adhere to the metal, is then followed by baking to ensue a tough finish that resists chipping, flaking or scratching. Your outdoor dining set will continue to look incredible for years to come – backed by our warranty. (Joe – add details re: warranty)
Maintenance? What maintenance? Cast aluminum dining sets require a seasonal rinse with the garden hose – simple, easy, effortless.
What's your Outdoor Style?
Whether square, round or oval, many of our tables come with umbrella supports to add instant shade and comfort. And speaking of comfort, customize your look by choosing from our wide array of color choices for your seat cushions. All cushions are made with the highest quality, fade resistant materials.
Imagine the memories you can create on your cozy balcony serving up a romantic dinner for two or that summer poolside barbeque where all your guests will enjoy the comfort and relaxation of your new outdoor living room. Get creative with all the different styles and colors we have to choose from and build a look uniquely your own!
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