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Sunglo Decorative Hanging Natural Gas Patio Heater

ID: AEI-A244
Manufacturer: Sunglo You Save: 34% Today!


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ID: AEI-A244
Manufacturer: Sunglo


Sunglo Decorative Hanging Natural Gas Patio Heater



Product Highlights:


  • Constructed of corrosion-resistant materials and coatings
  • Includes heater head, black hanging bracket, and Sun Glo reflector (Electronic ignition option)
  • Attractive black powder coated hanging frame
  • Withstands a wind rating up to 10 mph horizontal



Product Description:


This hanging natural gas radiant outdoor heater by Sunglo works like the sun heating people and objects rather than the surrounding air. You can retain your valuable floor space by hanging this attractive patio heater overhead making it perfect for a home or restaurant patio. The optional automatic control system simplifies the operation of the heater if it is mounted out of easy reach. The average spacing between heaters of this type is approximately 12 feet; depending on the wind exposure to the patio more heaters may be desired. The large deep reflector disk is made of aluminum and the aerated burner is designed to minimize noise.


The model A244 manual ignition heater can be installed without the need for electrical connections and is a snap to maintain. It uses a pilot-thermocouple and has a 100% safety shutoff. On this hanging outdoor heater the pilot is required to be lit manually and the heater is operated with a manual control knob on the front of the unit.


The model A244V will require a 24 VAC electrical connection to operate but requires the pilot at the head unit to be manually lit. Once the pilot is lit the heater can be turned on and off using the electronic wall switch.


The model A244VE unit uses an electronic ignition and cannot be manually operated. You can choose to install this heater with either a standard electrical switch or an electrical timer to turn the patio heater on or off (not included). This unit also has a 100% safety shutoff feature.


Heating Element: Natural Gas
Heat Rating: 50,000 BTUs
Heating Diameter: Up to 12 feet
Clearance to Combustible Materials: 18" Top – 24" Side
Height: 37 7/16"
Weight: 49 lbs
Finish: Black Powder Coated Frame

A244MAN - Manual Ignition operated with a manual control knob located at the front of the heater


A244V- Semi-automatic ignition Pilot - Heater is turned off/on with an electrical switch, timer or other control device by interrupting the 24 VAC supply to the heater. Control device to be supplied by the installer. Manual control knob must be set to the ON position for this heater to operate with an electrical switch.


A244VE - Fully Automatic ignition cannot be manually lit. Heater is turned off/on with electrical switch, timer or other control device by interrupting the 24 VAC supply to the heater. Control device to be supplied by the installer.

Reflector Diameter: 34.5"
Emitter Grid Materials: Stainless Steel
Certifications: CSA International
Warranty: 1 Year Residential - 6 Months Commercial Use
Replacement Parts Available: Yes
Shipping Details:
Ships in 3 boxes:
16"L x 15"W x 27"H & 18 lbs
42"L x 37"W x 4"H & 28 lbs
36"L x 35"W x 6"H & 5 lbs
4"L x 4"W x 3"H & 2 lbs (fourth box included with the purchase of A244VE)
NOTE: Heat coverage area guidelines are only an estimate as defined by the manufacturer as "Average" if "Cold/Drafty" conditions exist, then additional heater(s) may be required



THIS WARRANTY IS APPLICABLE TO THE ORIGINAL OWNER ONLY in accordance with the warranty terms and conditions specified below.

One Year Homeowner Limited Warranty/90 Day Commercial Warranty Infrared Dynamics (warrantor) will furnish the original owner replacement parts for

any component part which fails before one year of residential use , or 90 days commercial use, following installation. At our option, Infrared Dynamics may offer to rebuild or replace the heater within the limited warranty period. Installation, use and maintenance must be in accordance with instructions contained in the Installation Instructions.




  • Service and labor costs incurred for diagnosing, removing or reinstallation of the heater(s) or Parts(s) thereof;
  • Shipping and delivery charges for defective parts or the heater to nearest distributor, as well as replacement parts, rebuilt or replacement heater from nearest
  • Distributor or manufacturer to the claimant. Any costs pertaining to permits or materials for installation of the heater or parts;
  • Any product purchased over the Internet;
  • Damage or repairs due to faulty installation, misapplication, negligence, thermal shock, earthquake, flood, fire, and purposeful damage to the heater;
  • Failure to work due to electrical service including voltage conditions, blown fuses or circuit breakers, or damage due to the inadequacy or interruption of electrical
  • Service.
  • Failure to work due to a break or interruption in natural gas or propane lines to the heater
  • General Conditions pertaining to Warranty


The warranty shall be null and void if the heater is not installed by a competent heating contractor or if the heater is not installed according to the Installation Instructions, normal industry practices and/or if the heater is not maintained and repaired according to the instructions.

Normal product wear (oxidation, scratches, battery replacement, etc.) does not constitute a material defect and applicable warranty claim. Written permission is required for the return of any parts or equipment and any such return must be made on the basis of transportation charges prepaid. Shipment may be refused unless prior written permission is obtained and good returned prepaid.




Implied warranties, including any warranty of merchantability imposed on the sale of this heater under state law are limited to one year duration for the heater or any of its parts. Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts.

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